Crommelins Robin Water Pump built tough for firefighting, water transfer, washing down farm machinery and many other jobs that require water A self-priming, single impeller pump that is driven by a 70hp Robin engine which comes with a two-year warranty and backed by a national service network from Crommelins Australia The Pump is cast aluminium alloy that comes with a 15inch inlet and three outlets; 1x 15 inch and 2 x 10 inch Self-priming after initial prime Bolt on replaceable suction port so enabling easy and quick replacement if inlet cracked or thread is damaged Cast iron diffuser increases pump life and greatly reduces maintenance Metal (not plastic) delivery outlet caps High quality cast aluminium pump body, for longer life and less maintenance Spark arrestor muffler A double fuel filter system to protect the engine from any water or impurities A serviceable carburetor, not a ""throw-away"", reduces costs Double ball bearing crankshaft, increasing engine life Pointless ignition system, requires less maintenance, easier starting, and more reliability Cast iron cylinder liner, extends engine life by allowing rebore Please note – this model originally featured a Subaru engine, it now features a Robin engine Crommelins Robin Fire Fighting Pumps Performance Charts