Cromtech Fire Fighting 15"" Diesel Water Pump with Twin Impeller, 53hp, 1 Year Warranty Diesel-powered fire pump for around the farm The Cromtech twin impeller pump is perfect for around the farm It can also be used for fire fighting, washing down machinery and general-purpose water transfer making it a good all-rounder The model comes electric start for quick and easy starting Electric start allows an operator the simplicity of turning a key to start the pump The model is suitable for transferring water from ponds, dams and water tanks quickly and efficientlyThe pump outputs a maximum of 250 litres of water per minute at a total head of 75m with its twin impeller pump Cromtech products come standard with a one year warranty with Australia wide support and service network Features: 1 Inlet with 1 and two 1 inch outlets Electric start with recoil backup Diesel-powered Twin impeller 35L Fuel tank 53hp Cromtech diesel engine Steel frame protects the pump and engine 61kg weight One-year Cromtech warranty