This gallery shows some past projects we have done as example to show you our design and concept for Aluminium Ute Tray, Canopy, 4WD storage, Kitchen set for camping canopy and 4WD, etc. but not limited to these fine popular products. We are capable of suggesting, designing and manufacturing Aluminium Ute Tray, Canopy, 4WD storage, Kitchen set, toolboxes for 4WD vehicle, working van, expedition camper, caravan storage, truck storage, etc. Please feel free to show us your plan for obligation free quote.

OzToolbox products range from pure work canopies to dual-purpose units, Aluminium Ute Tray, Canopy, 4WD storage, Kitchen set for camping canopy and 4WD,. The latest development of standard canopy and tray package is the Sleek-Rack-topped model that is easier than most canopies to mount and demount, and comes with a specially-designed aluminium tray. This new Sleek-Rack-toppped aluminium canopy has distinctive bright red corner posts and rack aerofoil.  ozToolbox sleek rack canopy and tray. It’s designed with four locating tangs that drop into pockets in the aluminium tray corners.

This interlocking design ensures that all acceleration, braking and cornering forces are transmitted from the canopy into the tray’s reinforced pockets. Four 900kg-rated over-centre locks tie the canopy down and need to absorb only vertical bouncing forces as the vehicle drives over uneven ground.

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