Protect your outdoor LED lights from sudden power surges and fluctuations with an IP67-rated LED Driver.
It is built with a provision for hook or screw, which can be utilised in securing it in place—whether mounted on a wall or fixed on the ground.
EFFICIENT- Maintains a 12V DC constant voltage and manages fluctuations SAFE – Designed to protect connected LED units from short circuits, overloads, and over temperature WATERPROOF – IP67 rated, suitable for outdoor and garden applications CONVENIENT – Flex & plug included PEACE OF MIND – Backed with a 2-year manufacturer replacement warranty This driver is manufactured with a split cable format for carrying increased current for easier connection of multiple loads.
Driver can be used: At full load capacity by connecting all cables to one terminal block With any combination of split cables (as long as the minimum and maximum loads are adhered to) NOTE: FULL load capacity CANNOT be connected to one cable Specifications Dimensions: 235 x 132 x 65mm (L x W x H) Current: 16.7A Wattage: 200W Load: 20-160W Min.
load per cable: 5W Max.
load per cable: 40W Output Voltage: 12V DC Input Voltage: 170-265V AC 50/60Hz AC Current: 1.59A/240V AC Efficiency: > 84% Protections: Short circuit/overload/over temperature Ambient Temp: -30 to 50°C Flex & Plug: Included IP Rating: IP67 Electrical Certificate No.: GMA-502233-EA 100% full load burn-in test Must be installed by a licensed electrician.
Installation instructions sheet is provided in the product box.