Vitrifrigo C130P 12/24V 133 Litre Fridge Only, Black, 1 Year Warranty CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT MATCH: Efficiency but also design and style: Undercounter series by Vitrifrigo is the perfect bag in box storage and cooling system COOL GLASS: 4-mm thick clear glass, natural bevel, toughened, high-gloss, screen-printed, high-sheen etching frosted-finish side ELEGANT DARK: The shiny black panel gives particular elegance and value to the refrigerator, managing to easily match any interior design context ENVIRONMENT, FIRST OF ALL : Undercounter bag in box milkcooolers use R600a, a natural refrigerant gas with GWP (Global Warming Potential the potential contribution to the greenhouse effect) more than 430 times lower than those normally used to make refrigerators for the HORECA industry A PERFECT STORAGE: Vitrifrigo undercounter refrigerators are offered in two configurations: STANDARD CONFIGURATION : The internal volume of the fridge is entirely available for free housing of bag in box packages, in various sizes and volumes MILK CONFIGURATION : Two bushings on the top of the refrigerator offer a direct connection from the two internal graduated tanks, made in transparent polycarbonate (supplied), to the professional coffee machine or each other liquid dispensing device There is also a thermometer for displaying the internal temperature PANEL DOOR : The bag-in-box packaging protects the contents from air, light, temperature changes and external agentsIt replaces a host of different types of container for liquids in view of its practical use, cost effectiveness, sturdiness, shatterproof qualities, hygiene, eco-friendliness and above all excellent capacity for chilling The different volumes available have led to the creation of a range able to satisfy a wide variety of different needs and including the stand alone and remote installation versions