Thetford N4175 166 Litre, 3 Way Absorption Fridge, Left Hand Hinge, 3 Year Warranty A large, 171L double-door absorption refrigerator that stays constantly cool This model with LCD touchscreen guarantees a cabinet temperature that is always perfect regardless the power supply (between 210 and 240V) The desired energy source is selected automatically for this refrigerator Thetford absorption refrigerators are silent, since this system has no moving parts in the cooling unit Therefore absorption fridges are ideal for smaller spaces like an RV Absorption refrigerators are 3-way, which means it operates on three different power sources: ULP gas 12 Volt (DC) 240 Volt (AC) A 3-way absorption refrigerator is ideal when you are off-grid for an extended period of time Features: LCD Display Automatic fans, controlled by thermo switch Internal cooling fan added Improved insulation Modern designs 350+ service agents country wide to assist with any problems NOTE: The N4175 171L is a newer model of the N3175E 171L NOTE: This product is a gas appliance that must be installed by a qualified and licenced gas fitter to the current Australian Standard Failure to do so will void the warranty and may pose a health and safety risk