Discover the perfect blend of speed and culinary precision with the Tefal Turbo Cuisine Maxi & Fry.
Crafted with Extra Crisp Technology, achieve that ideal browning and crunch for your dishes, adding a gourmet touch to home-cooked meals.
The high-speed pressure cooking function ensures dishes are prepared up to 3X faster, without compromising on taste or texture.
Tefal’s exclusive spherical pot technology guarantees even cooking, ensuring every bite is as good as the last.
Safety is paramount, and the no-contact steam release, combined with a safe-to-touch body, adds an extra layer of protection during use.
With 10 automatic cooking programs, effortlessly tailor your cooking to the dish.
The single easy knob simplifies the cooking process, while post-meal clean-up is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe accessories and cooking pot.
Dive into a world of culinary excellence with the Tefal Turbo Cuisine Maxi & Fry.