Solar Battery Charging Kit for Dunlite & Gentech Generators Ideal for maintaining infrequently used batteries where 240V power is not easily accessible Superior Solar Charging Made using ultra thin film technology, this panel will absorb a wider spectrum of daylight allowing it to work under cloudy conditions Tough construction with the double glass structure reinforced its strength enabling it to withstand hailstones of up to 25mm in diameter Discharge Protection Includes a Smart Contol unit to prevent solar discharge at night Can be used on larger batteries to prevent power drain caused by radio memories, clocks alarms and onboard computers Extend Your Running Time Use the solar panel to extend the running time of your battery Connect the panel to the battery and use the battery as normal to power you appliances Automatic Solar Charge Controllers Controls the power going into your battery from your solar panels Will protect your battery from solar overcharging Overcharging occurs when the charge going into your battery is unregulated The solar controller has a built in regulator to prevent batteries from overcharging Features: Ultra thin film technology Absorbs a wider spectrum of daylight Double glass reinforced Withstand hail stones up to 25mm Smart control unit Extend running time