Features The open end on Sidchrome spanners up to 32mm or 1 1/4″ feature the revolutionary and unique “AntiSlip Design” – or ASD.
ASD features a locking groove and unique geometry, to deliver 400% more surface area than a conventional spanner.
This delivers greater torque to the fastener, significantly reduces the chance of dangerous slipping and allows the job to be completed faster.
The ring end on Sidchrome spanners features Sidchrome’s unique TorquePlus fastening system.
This unique system allows greater contact with the flats of the fasteners, providing greater torque to enable easier fastening.
As conventional sockets damage fasteners by concentrating forces on the corners, Sidchrome TORQUEPLUS spanners spread the force over a larger contact area, reducing rounding off and extending fastener life.
As a result, Sidchrome TORQUEPLUS spanners are particularly useful on worn or rounded fasteners.
Sidchrome spanners are manufactured to meet or exceed relevant ASME and DIN international quality standards.
You can be sure Sidchrome spanners are tough enough to stand up to the harshest working environment.
Specifications Size: 15mm