2 Way Outdoor Lighting This LED bollard light is one of the most cost-effective outdoor lighting solutions.
Its 2-way LED lighting design makes it perfect to be used in large outdoor spaces.
Its grey finish and rectangular design add a modern touch to house exteriors.
It is dust tight and weather proof.
It is the shortest of Shu range of bollards that makes it ideal for easy navigation.
This bollard light just needs to be mounted to a solid outdoor surface.
Modern Minimalist LED Bollard Light ENERGY EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE – This bollard light uses LED technology that makes it highly efficient and its 2-way lighting design ensures that it is a perfect addition for houses with larger exteriors DESIGNED FOR EASY WAYFINDING – Its 300mm height makes it easier to see the ground on pathways and landscapes during the night Specifications: Height: 300mm Width: 130mm Depth: 130mm Weight: 1.55KG LED Chip Type: 5050 Kelvin: 3000K Lumens: 540LM Beam Angle: 2 x 64.5 degrees Number of Lights: 2 Wattage: 11W IP Rating: IP65 To maintain the IP rating please use circular cable in junction For parallel and single connection, we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector (CLA Connector: CONN001 & CONN002) Input Voltage Range: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz Bollard Design: Rectangle Material: Aluminium Finish: Grey (Powder coated) Mounting: Solid surface such as a concrete path or sturdy timber decking Power Factor: >0.5 Ambient Temp: -20 to 50 degrees Celsius Lifetime: 30,000 hours Comes with stainless steel screws Not suitable for dimming Suitable for 2-way switching Suitable for use with sensors Bollard lights cannot be used inground