Renogy Wiring and Mounting Kit For 400W Solar Setup, 1 Year Warranty The photovoltaic accessories and cable kit comes with all the cables and accessories you need to connect a 100W Renogy panel and controller to your battery bank Renogy tray cables offer easy connection between batteries and charge controllers They are designed with specialized terminal rings for battery connection and exposed wire ends for fast connection to a charge controller Adapter kit cables allow connection between solar panels and charge controllers, featuring waterproof solar connectors on module ends and exposed wire for charge controller terminal connection The Renogy Z-Bracket Mount System can be used to easily mount and install a single solar panel Features: Durable Design Renogy's cables are TUV tested, UV light resistant, and waterproof Lightweight aluminum brackets Scalable Kit Expand the system by installing more modules and /or wiring Flexible and Effortless PV Ready to connect any Renogy accessory to a 400W module or PV system Easily expand your system using additional wiring or mounting brackets Perfect for DIY Off Grid Installation: Easy installation and DIY friendly The kit offers all components required for Renogys small scale photovoltaic system installation This kit allows the customer the flexibility to expand their system as needed and is built for 400W systems Included: Renogy Solar Tray Cables Renogy Solar Adaptor Kit Renogy Solar Panel Mounting Z Bracket — Set of 4 Solar Y Branch Connectors MMF+FFM Pair