Absolutely ingenious, these brilliant multi use ladders can be used in almost unlimited situations and positions.
Form them as a double sided step ladder, trestle ladder, straight fold out ladder or an unbelievably handy “L” shaped ladder.
Not only will this eliminate the need for multiple ladders, it folds up to a tiny 950mm high package for easy storage.
These comply to Australian standards and are manufactured from quality aluminium with industrial quality steel locking hinges.
Do not be fooled by this low price, these are genuine industrial duty 120kg load rating ladders Multi Positional 120Kg Maximum Load Rating Height 925mm – Trestle Ladder 1.59m – Double Sided Step Ladder 3.21m – Straight Ladder 2.35m – “L” Ladder Rubberised Feet Locking Steel Hinges Shipping Weight: 13.3Kg