Quick Fit XF2 Folding Bike Rack – 60KG CAP, 1 Year Warranty Coasts new Quick Fit Bike Racks have been design to make it easier than ever to transport your bikes with you on your adventures! The Quick Fit XF2 is a safe and reliable bike carrier for the transportation of 2 bicycles Features : Suitable for almost all tow bars, and fits all bicycles (also e-bikes) and wheel dimensions Its ingenious folding system makes it easy to carry and store Extremely easy and quick fitting onto the tow bar with the patented quick connector Your boot is always accessible thanks to the easy to use tilt mechanism The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders Flexible lockable and removable Quick Fit frame holders Storage bag included Connects to your lighting via a 7 plug Immediate usable from the carton The bike carrier can be secured with the lock on quick connector In combination with the ride-on ramp (350-20120) you can even more easily manoeuvre your bicycle onto the bike carrier NOTE: The maximum dimensions for any vehicle, including its load, are 25m in width and 43m in height A vehicle fitted with a bicycle carrier, along with any bicycles must not exceed these limits Rear-mounted bicycle carriers must also comply with rear overhang limits Any rear overhang on a vehicle must not exceed 60% of the wheelbase or 37m, whichever is less