Pramac Yanmar 41 kVA Silenced Auto Start Diesel Generator + AMF, 3 Year Warranty Simple, no fuss professional generator Pramac has designed this generator to ensure a high performance level at attractive price Powerful and strong generator; easy to maintain, it will be soon essential to all your activities Useful for small tasks on the farm, construction sites or for small power backup requirements The P4500 is a market leader in the silenced class, making it the ideal generator for use in residential areas or for operation outside normal working hours A popular quiet option for use as backup to mains power failure PRIMARY APPLICATION FOR THIS GENERATOR: Backup to Mains Power: For backup power to your home/building when there is a mains power blackout, this generator requires an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel – supplied with generator package This panel is also referred to as an 'Automatic Transfer Switch' This AMF detects when there is a mains power failure, and signals to the generator to automatically start up to restore power to your home/building Conversely, as soon as the AMF detects mains power returns, it stops the generator A qualified electrician is required to undertake the install and connection ACCESSORY: AUTOMATIC MAINS FAILURE PANEL REQUIRED FOR MAINS POWER BACKUP