Power AGM 12V 135Ah Deep Cycle Battery Bundle with Portable Multi-Function Battery Box with LED light, 2 Year Warranty Pack Includes: Power AGM 12V 135Ah Deep Cycle Battery, NPC12V135AH Power Accessories Portable Multi-Function Battery Box with LED light , PB003 Power AGM 12V 135Ah Deep Cycle Battery Keep your equipment going for longer with a Power AGM NPC12V135AH Deep Cycle 4WD & Marine Battery built tough and reliable to withstand the harshest conditions The Power AGM Sealed Deep Cycle Battery has a wide range of uses It is ideally suited to electric vehicles, recreation activities such as your caravan or RV, and for use in motorcycles too Power AGM batteries are also fantastic for your forklifts, quad bikes, boat, jet ski and other all terrain vehicles (ATVs) Used with solar power or wind power generation system, to enable battery storage for greater efficiency Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: low self discharge rate than 3% per month High Quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit retardant 2 year warranty private use, 1 year warranty commercial use Applications : Security Alarms Mobility Scooters Golf Carts Scissor Lifts Trailer Brake Away Systems All Terrain Vehicles Electric Fences Automatic Gates Caravan & RVs Solar Power Storage Power Accessories Portable Multi-Function Battery Box with LED light Instructions For Use: Remove the lid of the Battery Box Place the battery in the battery box Attach the clamps from the battery box lid to the corresponding positive and negative terminals on the battery Fasten the bolts firmly, ensuring they will not become loose Place lid onto the battery box, making sure that it is evenly and completely shut With the lid on and the terminals connected, switch the battery to ON using the ON/OFF switch and test the voltage with the voltmeter If the voltmeter lights up and displays the batterys voltage, you can now secure the lid Turn on the LED light switch and check to see if LED light is on or not To secure the lid, thread the strap around the box and through the two plastic buckles Fasten and secure on top of the unit You are now free to plug in your devices to power them with your battery