This Outdoor Lighting Transformer is dust tight and weather proof tested and approved so you can be confident it will perform for many years to come.
It will fit seamlessly into your garden, where it is plugged into a standard power outlet.
It features an easy connect system that allows simple and effective connections between the transformer and cables.
Comes in 50W or 105W, so you can choose depending on the load and length of cable you require.
IP65 Transformer for Outdoor LED Lights TOUGH – Dust tight and weather proof tested and approved to IP65, ensuring they will perform for many years to come EASY CONNECT – Allows for easy connection from your transformer to your cable FLEXIBLE – DIY installation or hard-wired by an electrician if desired COMPATIBLE – Perfect for all garden lighting applications in 240V to 12V (Must be plugged into a weatherproof power outlet) WARRANTY – Comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults Specifications Load: 50W or 105W (Choose from the options) Lead and Plug: 2 metre lead and plug Output Voltage: 12V Input Voltage: Maximum voltage 240V 50Hz IP Rating: IP65 (Dust tight and weather proof)