The REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery 3.0Ah provides users with maximum runtime, long life, and fast charging.
The USB Battery 3.0 delivers more capacity for Milwaukee USB Rechargeable solutions than the REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery (L4B2).
With this higher capacity, users get maximum runtime and more power for performance in their MILWAUKEE® USB Rechargeable solutions.
The L4B3 eliminates the need for disposable batteries, with these USB rechargeable batteries delivering more charges for longer life out of a single battery pack.
The user will be back to work faster with fast charging times when using a Milwaukee USB Rechargeable product or the REDLITHIUM™ USB Portable Power Source & Charger Kit (L4PPS-201, sold separately).
The REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery 3.0Ah is covered by a 2 year warranty.
Maximum runtime Fast charging More capacity Powers Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable products Battery charge time of two (2) hours, inside Milwaukee® Rechargeable products or with REDLITHIUM™ USB Portable Power Source & Charger WARRANTY: 2 Years WEIGHT: 54g VOLTAGE: 4V HEIGHT: 22mm LENGTH: 75mm WIDTH: 22mm PLATFORM: REDLITHIUM™ USB