MILWAUKEE® Track Saw Blades are designed to deliver accuracy and finish quality cuts in all Track Saw applications.
The 48T Fine Finish blade has optimised specs to ensure superior blade stability and accuracy for applications where finish cut quality is most critical.
Its laser-cut, resin-filled vibration slots absorb vibrations and reduce wobble for increased accuracy.
An anti-friction PTFE coating protects the blade against heat and friction for cooler, smoother cutting.
Cobalt infused Tungsten Carbide teeth extend cutting life and maintain tip sharpness.
Features Designed for use with M18 FUEL™ Track Saw (M18FPS55-0).
Compatible with all 165x20mm Track/Plunge Saws 48T for cleanest cuts in melamine, MDF, plywood, OSB, veneered plywood, softwood, hardwood Thick Kerf ATB tooth design: Superior cut quality and accuracy Laser-cut vibration slots: Resin-filled slots to absorb vibrations and reduce wobble for increased cutting accuracy Anti-friction coating: Anti-friction PTFE coating for cooler & smoother cuts Cobalt infused carbide teeth: Extend cutting life and maintain tip sharpness Specifications Max RPM: 10000 Number of Teeth: 48T Kerf Thickness: 2.2mm Arbor Size: 20mm Material: Softwood, Hardwood, Plywood, OSB, Veneered plywood, Melamine, MDF Diameter: 165mm (6-1/2″) Hook Angle: 5° Pack Quantity: 1 Compatibility: Track Saw