Features Long beam distance lights up objects up to 640 metres away 4 output modes; spot light, flood light, spot/flood and strobe High brightness neutral white LED’s provide a maximum 1,250lm Continuous runtime up to 7 hours with a 5.0Ah in spotlight mode Specifications Continuous runtime (6.0Ah) Spot Light: 10hrs Flood Light: 7.5hrs Spot & Flood: 6.0hrs Illuminance 1m – Spot Light: 71,000lx Flood Light: 520lx Spot & Flood: 51,000lx Luminous flux Spot Light: 600lm Flood Light: 1,000lm Spot & Flood: 1,250lm Overall Length: 313mm Skin weight: 0.9kg Voltage: 18V Weight (with battery): 1.6kg Includes Strap Hook (GM00002239)