Knog PWR 900 Lumen Flashlight Lighthead, 2 Year Warranty This punchy 900 lumen lighthead is part of the Knog PWR modular eco-system, It comes programmed with five light modes and is designed to be used with our PWR Banks The light-head modes can also be changed by downloading our Modemaker app and personalising it to your preferences A step up from the PWR Flashlight 600 lumen lighthead, the PWR Flashlight 900 lumen lighthead can be enjoyed as a handheld torch or use it as a bike light *This option is just the lighthead All PWR Banks, mounts and lanyards are sold separately MODULAR LIGHT SYSTEM When Knog designs each of our bike lights, we put optics at the heart of that equation Whether its new LED formations, or beam patterns, we are committed to making each lumen work harder once youre on the road If you do more than one type of riding then this modular light system will let you expand your product range without shrinking your wallet CUSTOM TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS Knogs interchangeable lighthead systems design means that the user has the ability to customise their light to their specific requirements Get a light head with additional lumens to up your brightness, or a bigger battery for longer runtime Knogs unique coupling system also not only stops incorrect fitting of lighthead on battery, but its design also allows our PWR batteries to serve as PWR banks, capable of charging other devices via its USB connector