Features The Kincrome Dual Way Click-Type Torque Wrenches are capable of applying torque settings in BOTH directions with a certified accuracy of +/-4%.
They feature Dual Scale measurement (Nm & lbf-ft) and a convenient locking collar to easily set the desired amount of torque.
Each unit is individually calibrated, certified and housed within a blow mould case, which is internally layered with EVA padding to keep your Torque Wrench protected (EVA excluded from 3/4″ & 1″ models).
With a Kincrome Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee market-leading quality for the new range of Dual Way Click-Type Torque Wrenches.
Dual Scale (Nm, lbf-ft) Click-Type Locking collar Works in Both Directions Certificate of Calibration Specifications Drive: 1″ Torque Range: 200-1000Nm (92.2 – 756 lbf-ft) Fine Scale: 5Nm Accuracy: + – 4% Teeth Of Gear: 48T Tool Length: 1225mm Weight: 6.8/8.6kg Includes 1 x 1″ Torque Wrench 200-1000Nm 1 x Manual 1 x Certificate of Calibration 1 x Protective Blow Mould Case