Invicta 12V 100Ah Front Terminal Lithium Battery with Bluetooth, 7 year warranty The Invicta Lithium 12V range has been specifically designed for replacement of similar size Lead acid batteries The family is comprised of the popular sizes found in the lead acid range but with the added benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology and is ideally suited to deep cycle longer run time applications Invicta batteries are available in 12V, 24V and 36V single battery systems They are used in a range of applications including 4×4, caravans, marine and commercial/industrial Invicta uses aluminium encased LiFePO4 prismatic cells that are bolted together using a solid busbar for strength A strengthening frame is also utilised to reduce movement and vibration often associated in off-road vehicles and marine applications Invicta batteries also have an integrated BMS that protects the battery from over charge/discharge, temperature, and short circuit Invicta 12V200Ah and 12V300Ah also include inverter friendly capabilities Features: Large number of cycles >2000 (100% DoD) Up to 8 times cycle life of SLA lowering your total cost of ownership Safe and stable chemistry & Integrated BMS The use of LiFePO4 along with the integrated BMS ensures protection against over charge / discharge, temperature and short circuit providing the highest degree of safety Greater capacity utilisation 60% more than SLA Gives longer runtime than equivalent SLA High energy density (less than half of the weight of SLA) Lowering total weight of application Fast recharge Battery is charged and ready to be used sooner Flat Discharge Curve Longer run time & more efficient use of capacity Extremely low self-discharge rate Can sit unused for longer periods of time UL1642 at cell level Bluetooth Capabilities: Bluetooth monitoring is available on selected models via a free mobile application The app allows you to monitor the status of the batterys volts, remaining capacity, current draw, and status of the Battery Management System (BMS) The Bluetooth capabilities can also be used to help troubleshoot system issues Tested Independently: The Invicta batteries are independently tested by BMRPO to ensure the highest standard of quality The real-life testing shows that Invicta easily surpassed over 2000 cycles over 1000 days of continuous use under Australian conditions Commercial and Industrial Applications: Invicta is used in both commercial and industrial applications The Invicta batteries are IEC 62619 (selected models) and IEC 62133 certified These certifications are independent and rigorous tests that ensures the battery and BMS can withstand short circuit, propagation, high impact, thermal abuse (extreme heat and cold), and over-charge and discharge situations Series and Parallel Configurations: The Invicta batteries are capable of being paralleled Please see the Installation Guide below for conditions Safety Notes: Invicta batteries can be installed on either of its sides however not upside down Invicta batteries are not for under bonnet use Invicta batteries are not for starting applications Invicta batteries must use a charger with a lithium profile setting When using an inverter with an Invicta battery ensure that the in-rush current of the inverter does not exceed the pulse discharge of the battery