Hyundai DHY12000XSEM-RS 10kVA Diesel AVR Generator with 2 Wire Remote Start, 1 Year Warranty The Hyundai DHY12000XSEm-RS is a single phase diesel generator with a maximum output of 10 kVA Designed for standby use for your home or business, the DHY12000XSEm-RS is powered by genuine Hyundai EV80 diesel engine and is equipped with an AVR alternator to produce clean energy This means that any sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, PCs and laptops, can safely be powered by this generator The DHY12000XSEm-RS can be started manually by using the key, or connected to an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system An ATS system will automatically detect a loss of power from the mains, turn your generator on automatically, and then turn it off again when power returns from the mains Also comes with Remote Start/Stop Housed in a weather-proof silenced canopy, it produces only 75dB @ 7 metres which makes it a quiet standby generator which wont interrupt you at home or work Features: Electric and Remote Start/Stop; 2 Wire Remote Start Capable High Water Temperature Warning, Shutdown Engine over/under speed, Shutdown Low oil pressure warning, Shutdown Battery and Alternator Low/High warning, Shutdown Genset overload shutdown NOTE: This generator is fitted with a two wire remote start terminal (pictured below) Your installing electrician will need to access the two wires behind this terminal in order to make use of the 2 wire remote start feature