Hulk 4X4 Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit, 1 Year Warranty The HULK Professional Series Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit is designed to fit in a car glove box or boot so you will always be prepared in case of an emergency It comes with more than 80 pieces and packed in a soft durable case Features: Kit is compact and portable so you can leave it in your car glove box or boot for emergencies Can use it to treat minor injuries that could occur when you're out and about All of the items come packed in a soft case that features separate compartments to keep them all organised Over 80 pieces included Soft red durable case with compartments Suits one vehicle Kit Contents: 1x Adhesive Paper Tape 125cm x 5m 50x Adhesive Plastic Strips 1x Bandage – Conforming 5cm x 18m 1x CPR Guide 1x Eye Pad 1x First Aid Pamphlet 1x Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 1x Plastic Magnifier 1x Plastic Zip Lock Bag (Small) 1x Plastic Zip Lock Bag (Medium) 1x Resuscitation Safe Face Shield – Disposable 12x Safety Pins – Assorted 2x Sodium Chloride (Saline) 20mL 1x Splinter Probe – Disposable 1x Scissors 1x Triangular Bandage – Disposable 110cm x 155cm 1x Tweezers 1x Wound Dressing No15 (Large) 2x Wound Wipes