Need some help in working with your fireplace or firepit
We have the perfect helper with the Grillz Fireplace Tool Set.
Comprising a brush, poker, shovel and clipper, this 4-piece tool set makes it easy for you to make adjustments to the burning wood in the fireplace safely and efficiently.
The tools are all made of cast iron and crafted to withstand high temperatures and are also fireproof.
Other features include stylish ball handles and long steel poles to hassle-free use.
Better still, the tool set also comes with an included stand that has storage hooks for neat and tidy keeping and a three-prong base for better stability.
Not least, this fireplace tool set is designed to blend in with your décor with its classic looks and is an absolute space saver as well.
Features 4-piece set plus stand Long steel poles Heat-resistant Ball handles Stand with storage hooks and three-prong base Fireproof Space-saving Freestanding Suitable for fireplace and fire pit