Weed Sprayer 100L Tank with Trailer Driven by a self-priming, run-dry protected pump with a massive 100psi 13litres/min flow rate, our Weed Sprayer makes light work of all spraying tasks.
When hitched to an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or similar vehicle, the trailer-mounter Weed Sprayer really takes advantage of its 3m boom with three spraying options to provide optimum coverage on just one run.
The leak-proof 100L tank also ensures more work done with less down time.
All components are designed to withstand robust use, including a 6m high pressure chemical-grade hose.
Also included is a handheld spray nozzle.
Not least, the boom support poles are adjustable for low or high level spraying and the boom itself is foldable for easy storage.
Features * Durable and leak-proof 100L tank * Foldable boom * Four spraying modes * Hitched or handheld spraying * Handheld spray nozzle included * 100psi self-priming pump – 13L/min high flow * 150kg capacity trailer * Impact-resistant, rustproof and UV stable design * Rust-resistant coated frame * Effortless pump driven design * 6m high pressure chemical grade hose * Built-in run dry protection * Suitable for weed-spraying and watering Specifications * Power: 12V * Amp draw: 4.5amp (Max.
10A) * Pressure: 100PSI * Maximum flow: 3.4GPM (13L/ min) * Power cord with battery clamps: 3m * Adjustable pole: 55cm * Hose length: 6m * Boom: 3m * Tank capacity: 100L * Trailer capacity: 150kg Package Content 1 x 100L Tank with Pump 1 x 3m Boom 1 x Frame Set 1 x Spray Tube 1 x Trailer 1 x User Manual