Looking to do some renovations and want to add a bathroom but the existing waste system is too far? With our Macerator Pump that can pump up to 7m vertically and 60m horizontally, you can create a wet area anywhere you want.
The 400W pump features four inlets that enable you to connect to four sanitary devices such as your toilet, washbasin, shower and bathtub altogether to complete a bathroom where conventional drainage would be too expensive to consider.
It is quiet in operation and fully automatic when activated by flushing.
The tough stainless steel blade allows for ultra-fine cutting, ensuring that waste is properly chopped up and able to be discharged through tiny pipework back to the existing sewer connection.
Features: Genuine commercial macerator pump Fully automated operation triggered by flushing Quiet and powerful 400W motor Stainless steel impeller blades Massive 270L/min capacity Four inlets Pumps up to 7m vertically Pumps up to 60m horizontally Non-return valve Superior quality seals Good heat dissipation Hose clamps Blanking caps Specifications: Inlets: 4 Voltage: 230V/50Hz Motor power: 400W Maximum flow: 270L/min Vertical pumping: up to 7m Horizontal pumping: up to 60m Max.
ambient temperature: 90C Cable: 1.2m Dimensions: 45cm x 10cm x 26cm Package Contents: 1 x Macerator Pump 5 x Hose Clamps 5 x Blanking Caps 1 x User Manual Delivery excludes the following postcodes: 885, 2222, 2449, 2818, 2827, 2829, 2836, 2839, 2874, 2898, 3724, 4477 4490, 4626, 4822, 4871, 4875, 6044, 6209, 6224, 6290, 6442, 6536, 6562 6707, 6713, 6725, 6728, 6743, 6751, 6753, 6754, 7255, 7256, 7258, 7260