Overview Innovative battery technology brings power and flexibility to your cordless tools with Festool’s range of battery packs.
Long lasting, and measurably superior to other cordless tools.
Now you can achieve perfect results quickly and easily with the quality you expect, even when you’re not near an electrical outlet.
Festool’s Airstream Technology rapidly charges compatible batteries.
Airstream technology significantly increases the battery capacity and provides faster charging.
Cool air is directed through targeted air ducts in the battery and out through the charger to quickly lower the internal temperature.
A minute display tells you exactly when the battery pack can be used again.
This information is displayed both by the charge indicator on the charger and also by the integrated LED display on the battery pack itself.
Features 36 Month Warranty – Did you know all Festool batteries and chargers come backed by a 36 month warranty under SERVICE all-inclusive? Giving you peace of mind that your cordless system will perform reliably.
Fast charging – Get back to work faster with 40-70 min charge time.
Airstream Technology – 18V lithium ion battery with airstream technology for rapid charging when paired with the SCA 8 charger.
Specifications Battery Voltage (V): 18V Battery Capacity (Ah): 5.2 Ah Battery Type: Lithium-ion Weight: 0.7 kg Battery Type: Lithium-ion Technology: Airstream