The unique injection moulding and design means the Expedition134 box saves on unnecessary weight while being exceptionally strong and durable with lid loading ratings up to 120kg. The Expedition134 box is a versatile storage box that is rust proof and weatherproof. It features a customised seal and dedicated ridge design to form a weatherproof seal to keep your gear protected from dust, weather, insects and rodents. Lets face it no one likes a leaky box. Expedition134 boxes contain no metal components so rust and corrosion from working in a saltwater environment is a thing of the past. No metal also means no annoying rattles inside your vehicle. The Expedition134 box features smooth interior floor and walls, and the design removed the need for any internal lip inside the box. This means you can simply hose your Expedition134 box out at the end of the trip and know any dirt or girt will easily be cleaned out. Moisture is easily dried out so you wont end up with a mouldy box the next time you use it. Being stackable, the Expedition134 box allows the user to lock one box on top of another as the top of the lid on one box interacts with the base of another. They can even interact like brick work and wont slide on top of each other. Need a box you can tie down easily? The Expedition134 has external tie down points which means you can secure the box on your roof rack, ute, in your canopy or wagon, or on your boat while having easy access to your contents inside. Frustrations of having to untie the your storage box just to get to gear inside is no longer a concern. When not in use the Expedition134 boxes can be nested inside each other allowing you to save space in your shed or home. The Expedition134 box contains UV resistant and impact modifiers so our box is ready for a pounding by you or the sun.