Elinz Channel 2 Digital Wireless Receiver Transmitter 2.4GHz for 4PIN Reversing Camera Monitor SKU: HDWRL-B This Digital Wireless Transmitter Receiver is compatible to 4 PIN Monitor kits. You can safely drive with your reversing camera system with unbarred connections. With its digital connection you dont have to burden on signal interference. Remove your worries on installing as you can DIY installation as it is simple and easy. Key Features Digital Wireless Connection New Technology using digital wireless transmission No interference digital signal Unobstructed Effective Range: 200m Wireless connection is unhindered. Images are delivered to your monitor clearly. Wireless 2.4GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set It can transmit images using high frequency connection Power Supply: DC12~24V Low power consumption Makes your Monitor Wireless Makes your monitor wireless in less than a minute Connect the transmitter to the camera part, and the receiver to the monitor part, the image can be transmitted wirelessly, so no wire needed between the monitor and camera Compatibility This Wireless Transmitter and Receiver is compatible with 4PIN monitor Kits It is made to be used for heavy duty vehicles i.e. Trucks, Caravans, Cars, Boats etc. Use of Digital Wireless Receiver & Transmitter Connecting one camera to monitor Choose any from HDWRL-A or HDWRL-B Connecting 2 cameras in one monitor To connect 2 cameras on your monitor, use HDWRL-A and HDWRL-B so channel A camera will not interfere with the signal of channel B camera.