AHD 1080P With AHD video signal and 1080P resolution this backup camera provides a more stable video that allows you to see clear and sharp images to prevent accidents while you're backing up. Adjustable Rear Camera The camera can be adjusted up or down to 120 degrees. IP68 Waterproof Rating This ensures that camera is water and dust proof. It will work and withstand heavy rain or car wash. 150 Wide View Angle With this feature, you can see a wider rear view vision behind your vehicle and easily spot obstacles when reversing. This ensures your safety with no blind spots. IR Night Vision It can provide clear night vision images at night or during low light conditions. Making reversing safer and easier. Easy to install You can save time and avoid drilling holes on your vehicle. With a unique bracket you can easily mount this camera to a license plate, just attach to the existing mounting screws that are used to mount your license plate. Wide Compatibility