7"" Clip on Rearview Mirror Monitor 12V/24V Reversing 4PIN CCD Camera Car Caravan SKU: RCLIP7-RVS4PIN10M 7"" LCD monitor (LED digital panel) Anti-reflective clear vision rear view mirror Automatically shows rear view when reversing Rearview image can also be shown on screen at all times Resolution degree 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480 Rearview mirror monitor will serve as your reaview mirror, you can view the back of your car clearly just like before Night Vision The CCD image sensor (made by SONY company) outputs digital signals that has better picture clarity, Color contrasting and sharpness better than CMOS Camera. With 18 IR LED it shows clear images in low light especially at night circumstances. 120 Degree Wide Angle View Helps avoid accidents & injuries, providing safe driving day and night Heavy Duty CCD Rear Camera Shock resistant, designed specifically for heavy duty vehicle use 2 Video Inputs Can be connected up to 2 reversing cameras Advanced 4 PIN cable One cable solution deals with both power and signal transmission. No power cable is needed to connect cameras. More than 600 TV line