Elinz 7"" 1080P AHD Monitor Car 4PIN Reversing Camera DVR 12V 24V Recording Truck Caravan Splitscreen SKU: M7AHDRV108010M AHD Technology AHD (Analog High Definition) addresses the primary issues that remain unresolved when it comes to the HD camera types. It utilises a 4-pin cable in order to transmit the HD quality video from an AHD Camera to an AHD monitor with a much better non-distorted and anti-interference transferring of signal for bigger or larger vehicles such as trailers, buses, trucks, campers and RVs, among others. This kind of technology supports various video resolutions. 7"" 1080P HD Monitor The 7"" AHD Monitor is features-filled. Its screen has a size enough for one to see very clearly, images and videos. This monitor offers 1920*1080 high resolution screen, that promotes more convenient viewing experience. The best thing about it is that, it typically produces a digital high resolution picture. This then means whatever is captured or recorded can be seen or viewed crystal clear. Built-in DVR With DVR feature this monitor can record up to 2 camera at the same time and loop recording. It supports up to 128GB SD card and loop recording function to overwrite the oldest recording with he new ones. Reversing Guideline This system has on-screen reverse guidelines which can be turned ON/OFF. Record Video and Audio This monitor can record video and audio if you want to use