4G LTE Cellular Security Camera This 4G Security Camera can work anywhere in Australia with 4G LTE coverage, best suited in places without Wi-Fi. Camouflage Camera With its camouflage pattern this camera blends well with its surroundings and is less noticeable than traditional cameras, perfect for outdoor locations like farms, zoos, job sites, and wildlife areas. 100% Wire-Free This solar powered camouflage camera eliminates the need 2K Video Resolution Enjoy 2K video resolution (2304 x 1296 pixels @15FPS) with 3MP imaging sensor this Camouflage Security Camera can capture and record high-definition videos more clearly videos compared to 1080P security cameras. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) You can use the pan-tilt feature in your mobile phone to turn the camera head 355 horizontally, 100 vertically and digital zoom which will help you monitor a much wider area via UBox. Watch Live Video Anywhere You can remotely view the video to know what's happening around the area via UBox app on the Android or iOS phone app anytime, anywhere.