4G GPS Tracker It supports WCDMA triple band, GSM quad bands. GPS data uploaded by WCDMA/GPRS regularly. Standard Size Sim Card with Data Required. Telstra, Optus, Aldi, Vodafone & affiliates (standard size SIM card). **Optional – you can purchase GPS Tracker with ALDI Sim card with $5 credit included LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA(UMTS/HSDPA) This Device uses the Latest GPS Tracking Technology which enables it to run on 2G, 3G & 4G WCDMA networks. With 4G capabilities and better tracking accuracy. Uses WCDMA+GSM helps to acquire location in a more accurate and rapid way. Using radical GPS technology, providing not only traditional tracking purpose as cutoff/petrol/electricity, geo-fence, ACC status checking, Speed & shift alarm but optional outputs for Extend I/O port to improve extension function. Real time Positioning & Tracking Accurate and reliable real time tracking system using GPS (global positioning system). Free Lifetime Tracking No Subscription and No annual fees. Web and App Tracking System You can track your vehicle by using your computer browser and install