Elegant Showers Extra Strong Acrylic Fiberglass Curved Shower Base is usually matched with our Curved Shower Screen for complete bathroom innovation.
The whole cubical of size 800x800mm would be a perfect choice for the special bathroom space.
Manufactured by extra hardness Acrylic, much more durable and stronger than the common base.
  • Size:800x800mm
  • Height:50mm(+25mm high 2 sided tile flange
  • Made of a 3mm thickening acrylic plate, excellent compressive properties.
    The anti-skid texture is included for better skid resistance.
    Kohler White color ensures the non-yellowing, non-fading surface.
  • The base comes with ALL Australian standards, Water blocking edges, and plug hole of standard size, it is universal to the standard curved shower screen
  • 10 years guarantee