The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 -12C Sleeping Bag – Black/Orange is the perfect sleeping bag for your next outdoor adventure! This large box-shaped bag is specifically designed for those who prefer extra room and provides you with the most comfortable sleep to suit Australia's rugged conditions. This purpose-built sleeping bag is also designed to fit into Darche's range of swags and rooftop tents! The Cold Mountain is perfect for the tourer, adventurer, fisherman and all-around outdoor enthusiast. The Cold Mountain Sleeping Bag range is tested by Darches product development team in collaboration with specialised manufacturers to develop comfort ratings suited to the Australian climate. The European Standard EN 13537 is considered during development and testing but is not conformed to. Australia is not considered an extreme weather country – but more so a land that presents unique outdoor conditions and ambience. The dual zip system on this bag allows you entry and exit from either side of the bag and allows you to join two bags together to form a larger bag! The foot zip can also be unzipped to provide extra ventilation and coolness on warmer nights. The two-layered robust modular construction counteracts the cold spots and ensures an even distribution of warmth with a fixed top layer filling and a floating bottom layer filling. Whilst the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 is perfect for those chilly nights, this bag is also known as an all-rounder through various seasons and climates of the Aussie landscape!