DrainTEK manufactures these custom-made wedge-wire shower grates to order in any length.
This custom wedge wire shower grate offers the best price/quality ratio and you can decide on the outlet’s diameter and position.
This variant has a matte black finish that will give your bathroom a modern and industrial look.
Linear Wedge Wire Shower Grates in Matte Black finish DrainTEK manufactures custom wedge wire shower grates in any length upon request.
You can choose the size and location of the outlet, making it the most flexible option for any renovation or new construction.
This custom shower drain is of the highest quality, and you won’t find one like it at a lower cost.
You can also choose this matte black finish which will give your shower area more style.
It will also work with both lavish and simple interior design.
Highest quality linear drains for premium bathrooms Full 316L (low carbon) marine grade stainless steel Width of 120mm for a wider coverage The tray is 1.2mm thick for superior strength V profile drain tray for efficient water drainage Fully welded high load bearing wedge wire insert (3mm wedge wires and 3mm gaps) Manufactured in Australia to any length with specified outlet position and size Finished in matte black to complement a variety of materials and colour palettes Indoor Shower Grate with the Highest Specifications Tray Full 316L (low carbon) stainless steel tray and outlet (1.2mm thick) in any length V profile with 27mm depth for efficient drainage Choice of 40mm or 50mm diameter outlet at any position Watermark licensed under WMTS-040 – Certificate 23396 Note: Tray lengths greater than 3,000mm will be supplied in multiple pieces with joiner plates.
Simply affix the tray lengths together using the joiner plate with a quality waterproof adhesive sealant (eg.
Sikaflex) Finish: Matte black Manufactured in Australia Wedge wire insert Wedge wires 3mm wide with 3mm gaps and 3mm x 20mm heavy duty supports Wedge wire support bars every 25mm for superior strength and heavy duty load support No plastic components Finish: Matte black Note: Insert lengths greater than 1,500mm will be supplied in multiple equal pieces unless you advise us otherwise.
Longer inserts can be heavy and difficult to remove and handle safely.
They butt up together for a seamless look Lifetime Warranty Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects