Curt Echo Bluetooth Brake Controller (12V/Pin 11-Jayco), Limited Lifetime Warranty The Echo – Bluetooth Brake Controller is truly a brake controller for the modern age It plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth with a customisable app for Apple or Android phones which stores multiple vehicle-trailer profiles, allowing you to control and monitor all trailer brake activity right from your own device It also sends you status updates and allows you to receive incoming calls while the app is running The Echo – Bluetooth Brake Controller is a portable design with Zero-tool, plug-and-play install between vehicle-trailer connectors that can easily switch between vehicle-trailer combinations with durable, weather-resistant construction It features automatic calibration to help eliminate setup requirements Motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive smooth stops and compatible with low-volt, PWM, ABS, cruise control and electric over hydraulic and built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection Power Pin 11 – Jayco Compatible If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the brake controller will continue to function safely, using the most recently programmed settings Warning: Avoid distracted driving Only make adjustments when the vehicle is stationary Power required from vehicle, see fitting instructions in [Documentation] section for more information Not compatible, but will not interfere, with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Notes: Echo brake controller requires a 12-pin trailer plug connector with constant +12V source to pin11 on the 12-pin trailer plug connector Ensure the +12V connection is fused and rated for 30 amps 12-pin trailer plug: (UNT012) +12v, 30amp hotwire kit: (UNTE001) The CURT Echo mobile trailer brake controller works with the OneControl Auto application and is compatible with Apple IOS 5 or higher and Android 43 or higher