Crommelins Fire Fighting Hose Kit for 15"" Pump, Delivery & Suction Hoses with fittings A complete hose kit to enable a standard 1"" Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump to draw water from a tank, pool, dam or water supply It includes 2x 1"" Delivery Hoses for fire fighting purposes, 1x 1"" Suction Hose and all the fittings, strainers and nozzles assembled and ready to connect Included in the pack: 2x 1"" Delivery Hoses for fire fighting purposes 1x 1"" Suction Hose All fittings Features: Heavy duty hoses 2x 10m 1"" Delivery Hoses 1x 5m 1"" Suction Hose Quality nozzles, strainers and all fittings Attaches quickly to Crommelins FF Pump