Our storage boxes can keep your home tidy! Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, they are sustainable, pollutant-free and robust enough for long-term use.
The set of 2 boxes offers you enough space to accommodate many objects.
With the uniform size, they can also be easily stacked.
The boxes also feature numerous practical details, for example, the zippered design, which makes the box easy to fold.
And the side metal handles make it easier to carry.
Besides, the lid protects the contents from dust and the inner lining is made of non-woven fabric against scratches and other damage.
In addition, the label holder provides an overview and saves you from rummaging around when you are looking for something specific.
Bring order into the chaos with this great bamboo set! Bullet Point: ★ Environmentally Friendly Bamboo ★ Our storage boxes are mainly made of bamboo.
As a natural resource, it is abundant and has a rapid growth cycle.
It is biodegradable and then becomes a nutrient for renewable bamboo, which is a clear advantage over non-degradable plastic.
★ Good Workmanship for Long-term Use ★ Made from thick strips of bamboo in a high-density braiding process, our bamboo boxes are robust enough for long-term use.
With an additional cardboard base, they are resistant to heavy loads and are not likely to deform or crack.
★ Foldable Design & Easy Carrying ★ With a smooth zip, our bamboo baskets are designed for easy folding.
When not in use, you can fold them up and stow them away in a small space.
The two metal handles on the side fit very comfortably in the hand, which means that you can effortlessly move the bamboo baskets wherever you need them.
★ Large Capacity ★ This set of storage boxes will help you organize your home.
In the rectangular boxes with dimensions 39cm x 32cm x 25.3 cm, you can stow all kinds of objects, such as clothes, toys, books, shoes, etc.
You can also stack the boxes to make more effective use of the available space.
★ Practical Details ★ This bamboo storage box is equipped with a lid that protects your items from dust.
The inner lining made of non-woven fabric protects against scratches and damage.
In addition, the label holder allows you to label and categorize the boxes.
Features: Large capacity for all kinds of items such as clothes, toys, books, etc.
Robust and durable material for long-term use High-quality carbonized bamboo is sustainable and odourless Stackable for more effective use of space A smooth surface is easy to clean with a soft cloth Lid to protect your belongings from dust and dirt 2 side metal handles make it easy to carry and move Easily foldable with the zipper design Label holder for an overview of the content and practical sorting Natural appearance goes well with the furnishing style Specifications: Colour: natural/coffee brown Material: bamboo, cardboard, non-woven fabric Dimensions without lid: 39cm x 32cm x 25.3 cm (L x W x H) Dimensions with lid: 41cm x 34cm x 26.2 cm (L x W x H) Net weight: 2.5 kg Package Includes: 2 x bamboo boxes with lids