Make your trampoline revitalize with our trampoline springs.
Made of heavy-duty and rustproof galvanized steel, the trampoline springs provide you with a safe jumping experience and could withstand the everyday beating that trampoline springs receive.
Besides, more coils provide better bounce, allowing you and your little ones to jump higher.
Due to the curved angle design and T-hook spring pull tool, replacement is quite easy for you.
Bullet Point: Heavy Duty Trampoline Springs: Made of high-quality galvanized steel, these trampoline springs perform well in high hardness and are not easy to deform.
Hence, adults and children can indulge themselves in jumping and bouncing without any worry about collapse.
Anti-Rust Treatment: It’s worth mentioning that these trampoline springs are coated with zinc plating which makes springs rust-resistant and anti-oxidation.
Even though your trampoline outdoors for a long time, our springs are still able to maintain good performance.
Great Elasticity: Different from other trampoline springs that are designed with a straight shape, ours feature a waist drum design which brings higher durability and tensile strength.
Moreover, the tight coils further enhance elasticity and stretchability.
Curvature Design: Both the mat side hook and frame side hook are curved at an angle, which not only provides optimal hold but also makes installation much easier.
Additionally, the spring with slightly curved ends can be widely used for swing sets, canopies, and sheds as well.
Easy Installation & Replacement: The T-hook spring pull tool is ergonomically designed with finger grooves for a comfortable and strong grip.
With the help of this easy-to-grip T-hook, you can effortlessly install or replace trampoline springs in a short time.
Features: Galvanized steel endows the springs with long service life Features good rust resistance, hardness and high strength Waist drum design offers an amazing jumping experience Added coils account for the superior stretchability Hook curvature for superior hold and great safety Ideal for trampoline spring replacement, swing sets, sheds, etc Convenient for you to assemble and replace with T-hook Specifications: Colour: Silver Material: Galvanized Steel Length: 14 cm Wire Diameter: 3 mm Middle Width: 21.5 mm Net Weight: 1.8 kg Package Includes: 20 x Trampoline Springs 1 x T-Hook