CAOS 2 Pack Shackles with Shackle Protector & Isolators, 1 Year Warranty CAOS Bow Shackle 2 Pack Heavy-duty and sturdy, these 19mm (3/4inch) Bow Shackles are rated to 475T WLL (working load limit) for towing and recovery All CAOS Gear towing and recovery equipment is Tested Tough by Aussies For Aussies and certified to have a breaking strength 2705kN (275T) Certified Test #N056555 Manufactured from durable chromoly steel, finished with a 2 coat anti-rust process – electro-galvanized and then powder coated for ultimate protection We dont cut corners, but we do cut the middleman out We provide quality products direct from the manufacturer to offer you great value for money You can use CAOS products with confidence when towing or recovering your mates 4WD Features: Heavy duty 19mm (3/4inch) size Rated to 475T (working load limit) Certified breaking strength 2705kN (275T) Durable chromoly steel Electro-galvanized and powder coated for protection CAOS 2pcs Shackle Protector and 4 Isolators Fits a 475T rated 3/4inch shackle and supplied with anti-rattle isolators for off-road recovery and 4×4 Features: Prevent shackles damaging your paint Color option: Black, Red,Green Stops the shackle rattling Constructed from durable polyurethane material Fits standard 475T, 3/4inch Bow Shackle Protects the bumper finishes from damage Snaps into place facilitating easy installation or removal Can be used in conjunction with a soft shackle