The original and still the best, the Campfire Pioneer 9QT Camp Oven Set represents all that's great in traditional outdoor cooking. Each piece is individually cast to guarantee durability and quality with any imperfect pieces recycled and reused at the beginning of the next production. The solid and even construction of the Campfire range ensures perfect heat distribution and a product that can be passed down through generations. Nothing is truer than an investment in the Campfire Pioneer 9QT Camp Oven Set. A step up in quality sees a product packed with features. When you first see this set the quality will jump out at you. Campfire has increased the material in this set to ensure you get premium heat retention to allow even better cooking. The weight has also been thought about so to enable easy lifting, they have included not one but 2 spring loaded handles for comfort. The lid, however, is where some magic happens, its not just a lid but a heavy duty skillet that can also be used as a serving trivet as well. The top of the lid is flanged deep to hold coals in place. When you turn it over to use the skillet you will notice extra depth in the skillet as well. Campfire has designed the skillet to be useful and stop food falling from the edges. Whilst the three well positioned solid leg supports provide strength, durability and balance when cooking on an open fire or on a burner. Another clever feature is the steam hole, simply align the lid and base in the specially marked spot to allow steam to escape before opening the camp oven. No more hot steam pouring out at you. Campfire has included everything you need in this Pioneer 9QT Camp Oven Set set including a storage bag, lid lifter and premium protective gloves. Campfire quality you love and trust has stepped up to another level. We know this will become not only the most useful cookware item you have in your camp kitchen but definately a piece you will be proud to pass through the generations.