The Bossweld Buddy MIG 150 is the latest in IGBT Inverter welder technology.
This portable gas/gasless Synergic MIG and Stick welder is easy to set up and use.
The manual and synergic welding modes makes welding easy.
It enables the user to complete smooth welds with both gas and gasless MIG wire.
Ideal for around the home, DIY workshops and rural applications.
Features Portable Gasless/Gas Synergic Mig and Stick welder Manual and Synergic Welding Modes Makes Welding Easy Suits D100 (1kg) and D200 (5kg) Wire Spools Runs 0.6-0.9mm Wires and up to 3.2mm Electrodes Suitable for Welding Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Galvanised Iron 240V Input / 10Amp Plug VRD – Increased Safety Applicable Materials Mild Steel Stainless Steel Cast Iron Galvanised Iron Common Applications General repairs and maintenance Sheetmetal and car repairs Rural applications DIY and home workshops Light trade applications Specifications Power Supply: 240V Primary Input Plug Fitted: 10 Amp Duty Cycle (MIG/MAG): 15% @ 160A | 60% @ 80A | 100% @ 62A Duty Cycle (MMA): 15% @ 140A | 60% @ 70A | 100% @ 54A Open Circuit Voltage: 51V (18V VRD) Output Current Range: 30-160A I ieff: MIG/MAG: 9A | MMA: 10A Input Current Max: MIG/MAG: 24A | MMA: 25A Power Factor: 0.76 Protection Class: IP21S Insulation Class: H Wire Diameter Range: 0.6mm – 0.9mm Thermal Overload Protected: Yes Machine Dimensions: 430 x 150 x 290mm Machine Weight: 8.2kg Warranty Period: 1 Year Includes BOSSWELD Buddy MIG 150 Inverter Welder 15 Series MIG Torch direct connect Tong Type Electrode Holder Lead Welding Earth Lead Gas Hose Dual Stage Argon Regulator Torch Spares Drive Roller (Installed in Machine 0.8-0.9 V Groove) .
Gasless Drive Roller 0.8/0.9mm (for use with Gasless Wire) Owners Manual