Kitchen Corner Shelf Unit – Low Profile Stainless Steel Baskets The Elite Bistro Magic Corner Pull-Out Kitchen Storage in stainless steel is the best solution to maximise the usage of and access to the corner space under your kitchen bench.
With one simple pull-out movement, the intelligent slide-out system design pulls out the two door-mounted baskets and a rear set of two larger baskets to an accessible position.
It has a total weight capacity of up to 24kg for the entire unit.
Unlike some other chrome coated wire basket units, where small items cannot stand easily on the wire supports, this unit includes full stainless steel baskets in a beautiful soft textured finish that ensures everything stays in place.
Smooth Sliding Operation with Soft Stop Plus Technology The smart design provides you access with an almost effortless smooth and quiet pull-out.
The Soft Stop Plus mechanism will apply a braked close to the last stage of the closing motion so the close is soft, the door returns to the closed position, and the door does not slam shut.
Durable Blind Corner Pull-Out Kitchen Storage Unit SPACE-SAVING – Maximises the space under your kitchen corner bench for storage of pots, pantry items, and other kitchen tools SMART DESIGN – Built with Soft Stop Plus Technology that provides a smooth and quiet pull-out when closing the cabinet, avoiding it to slam shut CONVENIENT – Comes with low profile stainless steel baskets that are long-lasting and ensure everything on it stays in place FUNCTIONAL – With a total weight capacity of 24kg for the entire unit (up to 5kg for each small tray and 7kg for each large tray evenly placed) DIY INSTALLATION – Includes a newly designed fast assemble frame that is fully adjustable when installed in the corner cabinet QUALITY – Premium materials and built that comes with a 5-year warranty Specifications Swivel/Opening: Left or Right (Select from the options) Unit Width: 860mm-970mm Unit Depth: 480mm Door-Mounted Tray Width: 240mm Door-Mounted Tray Depth: 445mm Rear-Mounted Tray Width: 470mm Rear-Mounted Tray Depth: 390mm Weight Capacity: 24 kg (up to 5kg for each small tray, up to 7kg for each large tray evenly placed) Cupboard Size: Standard 900mm-1000mm cupboard Min.
Cupboard Requirements (Internal): W 864mm x D 484mm Min.
Cupboard Door Opening: 400mm Runner Type: Soft close with Soft Stop Plus Technology Material: Stainless steel Shelf Design: Low profile, flat easy clean base Requires simple assembly (Tools included)