Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit to suit Nissan Patrol (1997-2003) GR GU Y61 & (1998-2016) Y61 GU, 1 Year Warranty The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit with advanced brake pads and rotors, braided lines and a host of ancillary items is the ultimate brake upgrade for the latest 4WD vehicles such as Ranger and Hilux Built tough for Aussie conditions The comprehensive kit includes specially compounded high performance ceramic material brake pads for increased stopping power in extreme conditions plus the latest Bendix Ultimate Rotors designed and developed specifically for Australias demanding conditions High performance The outcome from the high performance brake kit with the technically advanced additional strength ceramic brake pads and the Ultimate slotted rotors also results in a firm brake pedal that wont over expand under pressure, a reduction in brake dust and braking noise along with thermal stability in high temperatures and resistance to brake fade Kit Contents: 2 x Ultimate Brake Rotors 1 x Set of Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads 1 x Vehicle Set Ultimate Brake Hose 1L Heavy Duty Brake Fluid 1 x Can Bendix Cleanup 1 x Tube Ceramasil Brake Parts Lubricant 1 x Bendix rotor wipes 1 x 60L Icebox Vehicle Compatibility: Nissan Patrol (1997 – 2016) [Y61, Gu] NISSAN PATROL 28 TDiC {96 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 30 DTi {116 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 30 DTi {118 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 42 D {114 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 42 D 4×4 {91 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 45 {145 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] NISSAN PATROL 48 {185 kW} AWD Wagon [Y61, GU] Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads Designed to meet Australias tough 4WD conditions, the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads deliver increased stopping power when you need it The high performance brake pads utilise a specially compounded high performance ceramic material that functions in extreme conditions Features: Ceramic Material Mechanical Retention System Backing Plate Designed For Slotted Rotos Benefits: Low Dust, Low Noise, while providing high temperature stability and excellent fade resistance MRS technology used in commercial vehicle brake pads, for improved pad attachment strength, for heavy duty operating conditions Works best with slotted rotors, delivers confident stopping in all conditions Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors are manufactured to the highest level of precision engineering based on OEM specifications and incorporate innovative technology such as 4WD Metallurgy for increased braking performance plus special diamond tip slots and a special bi-directional pillar design to quickly and efficiently expel gases, water, dust and grit Together this provides the driver with absolute control when braking in extreme conditions with instant response and even friction Features: 4WD Metallurgy Diamond Tip Sot Swiftfit Pillan Construction Benefits: G3000 disc brake rotor manufactured using SAE J431 material standards, robust, higher strength, wear resistance for durability in all conditions Designed to withstand the demanding punishment that your 4WD dishes out Allows gasses to escape i