Baintech 12V Engel + 2 x Ciga Sockets Surface Mount Triple, 2 Year Warranty When youre out on the open road or water, theres always more than one device competing for your ciga outlets attention: your phone, GPS, music player and, of course, the bar fridge keeping those cans cool for the end of the day Now, thanks to Bainbridge Technologies, theres no need to sacrifice a cold one for a phone call with the handy new Baintech Triple Socket (surface mount housing) Available in four socket combinations, you can be sure theres a Baintech Triple Socket to suit your touring needs The all-in-one convenient housing keeps your plugs tidy and uses quality UV stabilised PVC so that it lasts for years to come And like all products from the Power Systems Experts, the Triple Socket is safe, designed to prevent shorting and fires for your peace of mind Baintech's Socket range is one of Australia's largest range of sockets Durable- sockets you can trust not to break Robust – strong end plate design and UV stabilised PVC housing Safe – sockets that prevent shorting and fires Improved – new terminal designed to avoid short circuits Diverse- large range of sockets for your power needs Quality – with tinned copper inserts Innovative allowing you to charge your modern devices easily on the go