Aussie Traveller 160W Fixed Solar Panel Caravan Kit, 1 Year Warranty The Aussie Traveller Solar Panel range provides portable, reliable and travel friendly power no matter where you find yourself Using the highest-grade silicon, our solar panels contain high efficiency mono crystalline technology to get the most out of the Aussie sun The fixed range of solar panels are designed predominately for semi-permanent installations on the roofs of caravans, 4WD's, motorhomes, boats and campers They are perfect for charging 12V devices throughout any vehicle With our solar panels youll have power on the go anywhere, anytime Features: 110W ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes and RV's Charges 12V devices throughout your vehicle, including batteries, fridges, air compressors, lighting Suitable for use with AGM, VRSLA & Flooded 12V Batteries High efficiency mono crystalline technology Strong, heavy duty anodised aluminium alloy frame Waterproof 10A 12V PWM Regulator Connect to a deep-cycle battery to store your electricity 2 metre lead