Nano-coated Trousers Holder for a 400mm Wide Cabinet When it comes to maintaining a decluttered and organised wardrobe cabinet, this Trousers Holder from Higold is the perfect upgrade that you are looking for.
Being able to fit a 400mm cabinet, it can securely hold 9 pairs of trouser with its anti-slip design and weightless guide rail.
The delicate texture of its nano-coated racks assures you that your trousers are kept safe from any damage at all times.
It has a premium grey finish that adds a classy and sophisticated look inside your room.
Convenient Wardrobe Storage Upgrade STURDY – Constructed from quality materials, Higold’s wardrobe pieces are designed to last CLASSY – The premium grey finish adds a sophisticated feel to any room SAFE – The nano-coated racks maintain a delicate texture to prevent damages to the trousers that are hung on them FUNCTIONAL – Built with an anti-slip design; Fits a 400mm wide cabinet while holding 9 pairs of trousers WEIGHTLESS EXPERIENCE – Precise guide rail for effortless and quiet pulling and pushing Specifications Series: A-Series Width: 350mm to suit 400mm-wide cabinet (external) Depth: 453mm Height: 171mm Cabinet Size: Fits 400mm-wide cabinet (external) Finish: Grey and chocolate Mounting: Top mount Capacity: Up to 9 pairs of trousers Anti Slip Soft Close